Sunday, April 13, 2008

Chuck E Cheese (aka Charles Queso)

Yes, Charles Queso is Chuck E Cheese. I am impressed that everyone understood Anthony's humor. When we got home Anthony asked Vincent where Charles Queso was, he did not know who Anthony was talking about. The next day Vincent said our prayer for dinner and asked Heavenly Father to bless Charles Queso, it was really cute. Charles was nice enough to pose so I could take his picture!

We took Vincent to Chuck E Cheese as a reward for using the potty. He has seen the commercial too many times and has been asking to go. Plus I have been wanting to get some really good pizza (haha). Actually the pizza is not that bad.

Anthony and Vincent had some fun playing the racing games. I played a little skee-ball, I need some more practice though. I only got 1 ball into the 50,000 point slot out of the 5 games I played.

Vincent was very excited to say hello to Charles, he was a little star struck.

This is one of the prizes Vincent got with his tickets ( he picked all candy prizes). I remember eating these Willy Wonka Fun Dips when I was a little girl. Vincent was very resourceful and used his finger to dip in the sugar after he ate all his candy stick. Check out his green finger, it stayed like that for a few days!

Vincent thought it was so funny to watch himself on the camera screen while I was taking his picture. I get some really good shots this way, he gets very silly.

Here are a couple videos of Vincent having fun on the rides. Well I think he had fun on the monster truck but he looks a little bored on the clock ride.


nyn said...

Good one Anthony. It so sounds like something Shae would say too, actually I think I asked him who Charles Queso was. The pictures are cute, and way to go on the potty training!!!

Emily and Ethan said...

I am so impressed that you are posting so much!!!!!! Great pictures, I can't believe how big vincent is, he is a perfect mix of you and Anthony.

Anonymous said...

I just love these postings. How did you get the videos they are so clear? Vincent looks like a big boy now. In the picture with his green tongue and finger he looks just like Anthony.

Jordan and Elaine's Family said...

We took Miles to Chuckie Cheese as a potty trainging reward too. The boys usually love it there, but last time Mason refused to go, because he didn't want to see Chuckie! He stayed with Grandpa.