Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Visit to the St Louis Temple

We thought it would be fun to take Vincent to go see the temple one day. Although it was really hot we had a nice time. I tried to get a good picture of what I think is a hawk. Vincent really liked the water fountain. I think it is really funny in the pictures cause he looks like he is trying to control the water with his hands. We had a scary ride home. Vincent was in the back seat enjoying his raisins. We had to pull over fast because he decided it would be a good idea to put a raisin up his nose. It is very difficult to try and tell a screaming toddler to just blow his nose to get the raisin out. I thought we might have to take him to the emergency room. Well we finally got him to blow his nose and the raisin came right out. Needless to say, Vincent has not forgotten that and is no longer putting things in his nose.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

They're Magically Delicious


Vincent loves to eat cereal and he loves marshmallows, so Lucky Charms cereal is one of his favorites. The other morning he told me he wanted to eat his cereal dry on the couch (he has to sit at the table if there is milk on it). I was busy doing some things around the house while he enjoyed his cereal on the couch. I went to check on him after a while and he was eating all the marshmallows and none of the cereal. I told him he was going to get sick if he just ate the marshmallows. He told me, "NO MOM! The marshmallows make me happy not sick". Hopefully the marshmallows have some vitamins and minerals too.
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