Friday, October 3, 2008

Mmmmm Moose Poo Poo!!

Sunday is such a wonderful day. We go to church, I am with my family most of the day and we all take a wonderful Sunday nap! Well this last Sunday was very memorable. Vincent woke me up and asked me if I would like some ice cream. I told him "sure". A minute later he came back in to ask me..."Mom would you like Moose poo poo ice cream". WHAT?! Okay obviously this was something Anthony has put him up to. The ice cream Vincent was referring to was Moose tracks ice cream. Vincent was eating some for the first time with Anthony a few weeks ago and discovered one of the mini peanut butter cups. Anthony told him it was moose poo poo (my husband is a comedian). So if you ever come over for ice cream don't be shocked if Vincent asks you if you would like to have some moose poo poo ice cream.