Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Unwelcome Guest

We have a new tradition every morning with Vincent. When he wakes up he comes in our bedroom and says, "Good Morning". He usually will snuggle in bed with us till we are awake enough to actually get out of bed. This is something we all enjoy very much, it is so much nicer to wake up to his sweet voice instead of the blaring alarm clock. A few weeks ago we had a rude awakening. It was the day after Memorial Day. We went to our ward picnic for memorial day, (I am hoping this is where our unwelcome guest came from). I was scratching the back of Vincent's neck and then moved my way up into his hair. I noticed a bump on the back of his head. I almost screamed when I saw what was attached to his head. A darn TICK! I felt my blood pressure go up immediately and told Anthony he would need to take care of it. I am terrified of bugs. I tried very hard to stay calm for Vincent so he would not get scared. Anthony successfully removed the tick with a pair of tweezers. A piece of Vincent's skin was attached to the ticks oh so tiny head. I put the tick in a zip-loc bag just in case the doctor would need to see it. After looking on the Internet at different types of ticks we decided it wasn't a deer tick (the one that carries Lyme disease). I called the doctor anyway just to be safe and was told to watch for a rash and a fever. Luckily no problems thus far. I kept that darn tick in the bag for almost a week before I squashed him with the bottom of a glass. I was amazed the tick survived for so long in a zip-loc bag. As much as I did not enjoy this experience I am thankful it was not lice.....EWWWW.

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