Thursday, July 16, 2009

My new blog

So I started a new blog for a contest and to keep track of all my great deals. Check it out at:

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A haircut and a hole in the wall

Well I guess it was bound to happen one of these days, I am just glad it didn't happen on my watch. Let me start at the beginning.
I recently got called to work with the Young Women at church, YAY! Well the week after I became an official YW leader it was time for Girls camp, so I loaded up the car and Enzo and I went to Girls Camp for a day. Anthony stayed home with Vincent. Enzo and I had a great day, he did so well treking through the woods.
As I was driving home Anthony called me to see how far away I was. Then the news came...he said, "Oh by the way, Vincent decided he wants a cool short summer haircut." "WHAT HAPPENED?!" I said. I knew this couldn't have been Vincent's idea. Just a few weeks ago when I was trimming his hair he told me, "Mom, don't cut it too short." (I think I already knew what happened.) Anthony continued, "Well, I was taking a nap on the couch and Vincent decided to cut his hair with the scissors you left out." (ME) "I didn't leave any scissors out, Vincent was using those to cut paper." (Anthony) "Oh, well just don't freak out when you get home."
Well when I got home I just wanted to cry. I now understand why my mother cried when my sister cut a big chunk of hair out of my bangs when I was 3. Then I got mad, how could this happen? Well I told Vincent, "we have to cut all your hair off now." Then the tears came, not mine, his. I tried to explain he would still have some hair on his head, it would just be really short. So the next day I cut off all his hair. I was so mad about the whole situation, plus Enzo was having a bad day. I think babies can sense these things. Unfortunatly my temper got the best of me and I took it out on the bathroom wall (see picture below). I now understand why little kids are so freaked out when someone changes their haircut dramatically. Several years ago when I was in beauty school I cut my hair really short for the first time. My neice was 3 at the time and didn't talk to me for a week. Thankfully Vincent is a boy and hair grows back.

I forgot to take a picture before I started cutting his hair. I had already cut a bunch off the top in this picture. But you can see how short he cut it, right to the scalp! When I was all done he was so excited to look in the mirror. He saw it and just started to cry. I had to try so hard not to cry myself, but I think he learned his lesson.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

One Month Old Already?!

I can't believe our little Enzo is a month old already (January 12th) and I haven't done any blogging since October. So I think it is time to get caught up, even though I should probably be sleeping.

Anthony and I took Vincent to Grandma and Grandpa Bonadio's home on December 11th. I really wanted to get some pictures of Vincent and I and Enzo (in my belly) before the big day (I am usually behind the camera). Vincent did not like this idea but I think we got a few good shots...

Anthony and I left for the hospital a little after 6am on Friday December 12th. My doctor told me I could eat breakfast so we stopped at Hardees for a big breakfast, my last meal as a pregnant woman! On the way to the hospital we were discussing names once more. We were going to name him Nicolas. This was the only name we could agree on, even though I spent hours searching name books (Anthony only spent a few minutes searching). Anthony suggested Enzo for his middle name, but the more I thought about it I really liked it so much better than Nicolas. I told Anthony that maybe we would use Enzo for his first name. He then suggested Constantine for his middle name (I said no to this name with Nicolas). I had to let go of my pride because clearly Anthony had picked the cooler name and when I saw our baby boy for the first time he didn't look like a Nicolas.

Once we got to the hospital I got all hooked up to every wire they could attach to me, oh and of course the IV for the pitocin (used to induce labor). After a few hours I got to see one of my favorite people in the hospital...the anesthesiologist! Thank goodness I had an epidural because I was in labor for almost 12 hours. I spent a lot of time resting and listening to music just waiting for little Enzo to come. He finally arrived at 6:16pm! Even though I had a long labor the delivery was quite easy after 2-3 pushes Enzo was out! He weighed 8lbs 5oz and was 21 in long.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Mmmmm Moose Poo Poo!!

Sunday is such a wonderful day. We go to church, I am with my family most of the day and we all take a wonderful Sunday nap! Well this last Sunday was very memorable. Vincent woke me up and asked me if I would like some ice cream. I told him "sure". A minute later he came back in to ask me..."Mom would you like Moose poo poo ice cream". WHAT?! Okay obviously this was something Anthony has put him up to. The ice cream Vincent was referring to was Moose tracks ice cream. Vincent was eating some for the first time with Anthony a few weeks ago and discovered one of the mini peanut butter cups. Anthony told him it was moose poo poo (my husband is a comedian). So if you ever come over for ice cream don't be shocked if Vincent asks you if you would like to have some moose poo poo ice cream.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

And the winner is...


We were playing with Vincent one night and Anthony was stacking the cars to see how high he could stack them. I decided to start a little competition to see if I could beat him and stack more. Unfortunately he beat me.

Bath Time?

These are some pictures from February I found as I was organizing some of my photos on the computer.

Anthony was working on our water heater and Vincent and I decided to go watch for a while. Anthony decided it would be funny to put Vincent in the washing machine. Vincent got a real kick out of it and thought it was the funniest thing! Note to self... Don't ask Anthony to give Vincent a bath.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Oh Boy!

I had my ultrasound yesterday and we found out we are having a BOY! I am very excited, I guess this worked out really well because I have everything I need. Vincent and his brother will be almost exactly 4 years apart. Vincent was born on December 17 and my due date this time is December 20. The only thing we are not sure about is a name for this little boy. We had a girl's name picked out (of course). So the search is on for the perfect name.

This is a shot of the baby's body.

This is the baby's arm and hand.

This is the baby's leg and foot.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Pickles and Ice Cream

So I have heard that pregnant women like to eat pickles and ice cream. This is so true. I have been eating a lot of pickles. I know this may sound strange to some people but not all pickles are created equally. I guess this must be my mothers fault because I remember her comments about how Claussen pickles were the best. Well it is the truth. There is nothing better that a cold crisp Claussen pickle. I have really been enjoying the mini ones. I think I buy a new jar every week or 2. Yummy!

Now let me say something about Ice Cream. If you ever make you way to Michigan you must try Homemade brand Ice cream. My all time favorite is the Peanut Butter and Chip flavor (The Cherry Cordial is really good too). It is the best peanut butter ice cream I have ever tasted. It is vanilla ice cream with real peanut butter swirls and chocolate shavings. A peanut butter lovers dream! I have been trying to find something here in Missouri I like just as well but have been unsucessfull in my search. A close second is chocolate with real peanut butter swirls. I am going to Michigan in a few days so I will get to enjoy some soon! Can you tell I am feeling better? I think I am finally done spending all my time with my head over the toilet. I am 15 weeks now and I am very excited to find out what we are having. I will let you all know as soon as I know. Now go get yourself some pickles and ice cream (but not at the same time that would just be gross).

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Too Much Butter

Sunday night for dinner I decided it would be really yummy to make some breadsticks to go with our leftover spaghetti. I am really enjoying carbs right now (it helps settle my stomach). I melted some butter and added garlic powder and Italian seasoning. I brushed the butter on the dough and then sprinkled Parmesan cheese on top, YUM. Vincent and I were in the living room when I smelled something burning in the kitchen. I knew the butter had run off the stone and was burning in the bottom of the oven. What happened next scared me....I saw very large flames in the oven. There was a grease fire in the oven. I called Anthony in a panic and asked him what I should do. He told me to throw water on it. I remember hearing that water on a grease fire can be dangerous. So I turned the oven off and miraculously the fire went out. Poor Vincent and Ginger were so scared. Ginger was actually shaking, it's amazing that dogs can sense when something is wrong. Maybe it was all the smoke that scared her. I said a prayer right away, luckily nothing was damaged, just a big greasy mess to clean up in the oven. Lesson learned...Always have a fire extinguisher available in the house and use a pan with sides for greasy foods.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Unwelcome Guest

We have a new tradition every morning with Vincent. When he wakes up he comes in our bedroom and says, "Good Morning". He usually will snuggle in bed with us till we are awake enough to actually get out of bed. This is something we all enjoy very much, it is so much nicer to wake up to his sweet voice instead of the blaring alarm clock. A few weeks ago we had a rude awakening. It was the day after Memorial Day. We went to our ward picnic for memorial day, (I am hoping this is where our unwelcome guest came from). I was scratching the back of Vincent's neck and then moved my way up into his hair. I noticed a bump on the back of his head. I almost screamed when I saw what was attached to his head. A darn TICK! I felt my blood pressure go up immediately and told Anthony he would need to take care of it. I am terrified of bugs. I tried very hard to stay calm for Vincent so he would not get scared. Anthony successfully removed the tick with a pair of tweezers. A piece of Vincent's skin was attached to the ticks oh so tiny head. I put the tick in a zip-loc bag just in case the doctor would need to see it. After looking on the Internet at different types of ticks we decided it wasn't a deer tick (the one that carries Lyme disease). I called the doctor anyway just to be safe and was told to watch for a rash and a fever. Luckily no problems thus far. I kept that darn tick in the bag for almost a week before I squashed him with the bottom of a glass. I was amazed the tick survived for so long in a zip-loc bag. As much as I did not enjoy this experience I am thankful it was not lice.....EWWWW.

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