Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cardinals Game

This was Vincent's first Cardinals game. We had a lot of fun till we got rained on. Vincent had fun taking pictures of Anthony and I. Yes I had purple hair, it was fun for a while but too much maintenance. When the rain came and we were running to get back on the train Anthony and Vincent had to jump in the puddles. Vincent loves to ride on the train, I think that was more fun for him than the baseball game.


Sarah said...

I love the HAIR, Tracy!

Just so you know, the super great haircut you gave me in July finally grew out and I had to break down and go to Fantastic Sams. Lucky for me the lady actually did a decent job.

Emily and Ethan said...

I am so glad you finally put something new up. Vincent is so cute I can't believe how big he is! I love the slide show!

Idaho Rose said...

awww how cute !!! luv u