Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Got Pretzels?

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Vincent is always very handy around the house. He is learning very quickly how to work with tools. He is also very creative when he is playing. I had a good laugh watching him hammer this pretzel into the wall.


kimhumpherys said...

That is too funny Tracy! Vincent is so cute, seriously a cutie pie! I'm so happy about your new house! I just wish I could've seen it in the few hrs. I was in St. Louis!

nyn said...

Tracy thanks for updating me on your new blog. Shae and I got a chuckle out of how cute this is. My blog is nynsblog.vox.com By the way I need your address. I am planning a surprise baby shower for Tiffany I need to send you and invite. I should be getting them off tomorrow. Let me know where to send your invitation

Allison said...

Cute story. When he's done hammering pretzels send him to my house. We have a lot of things that need fixing! :)